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Tips for Making Creative Home Decor at Tiny House

For small families, owning a home is a dream that everyone wants to realize. If you are still just married, it’s natural if you choose a small house. Besides, there are not many family members, the cost of buying or renting and maintenance will be cheaper.

But, that doesn’t mean because your house is small you can’t make it look beautiful and comfortable. Check out the following tips for attractive and creative home decor.

Maximizing Existing Space with creative home decor

You like books, but confused about where to put it? With creative home decor, you can maximize the space available by making shelves and adding a few shelves in front of the bathroom door. This shelf can be shifted when you want to use the bathroom.

creative home decor by placing Kitchen Tools on the Rack

Don’t have enough room for your kitchen equipment? Make creative home decor by making high shelves for storage. Try the rack to have good air circulation and can be closed to protect kitchen equipment that is rarely used.

Creative Home Decor by Utilizing The Area under the stairs

You can use the idea of ​​making a room under the stairs. Creative home decor by utilizing the space under the stairs to store various books, children’s toys, or other objects so as not to fall apart.

Creative Home Decor by Hanging the Curtains in a High Position

Creative home decor by placing or hanging curtains with a position higher than the top of the window will make the house ceiling look high. Place the end of your window cover near the ceiling and give more wide space so that light can enter more into the house.

Creative Home Decor Using Vintage Furniture

Creative home decor using vintage furniture makes your home look classic and elegant. With a smaller size than modern home furniture, vintage furniture will not take up much space. Refrigerators for example, Not only refrigerators, but you can also choose small furniture for beds and sofas for decorating your small home.

Creative Home Decor with Many Mirror Pairs

Placing lots of mirrors on the wall of the house will give a broad impression. The shadow reflected by the mirror will make it as if your home or room is twice as large. Creative home decor using a small or medium size mirror, and it’s better not to use a large mirror in your small room or house.

Creative Home Decor Using Pastel Colors

Creative home decor using pastel colors in most parts of the house and on the living room wall decorations will make you feel more comfortable.

Creative Home Decor Using Wall Lights

For lighting using a table lamp, you should reconsider. Buying a desk lamp means you need more space to put a table. Replace the lamp with a wall lamp. Creative home decor by installing several wall lights. It’s better if you wear a vintage model lamp so that it gives a classic and elegant impression in your small house.

That’s some creative home decor tips for your tiny home that you can use.

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