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Minimalist Interior Design, Simple but Looks Elegant in The Apartment

Simple minimalist design is already known to be simple and functional. The aesthetics can also look elegant and highlight the beauty of the characters in each element that is displayed simply.

Simple and elegant, is the most basic concept of the minimalist concept itself. This idiom has been recognized as a minimalist interior design concept in general, not only in interior design. But super simple and elegant interior design. Then what is the minimalist design like? How to apply in interior design?

Minimalist Interior Design for Family Rooms in Apartments

Minimalist interior design for the family room which is also functioned as a living room in the apartment demanding a semi-formal or contemporaneous design can be used to receive guests but still be comfortable for family members.

A simple impression is obtained from the lack of furniture in minimalist interior design. Every element in space is only for what really exists and functions optimally there.

Minimalist Interior Design in Bedrooms for Apartments

If you live in an apartment, it does not mean that you lose the opportunity to get comfort from the extent of a minimalist visual design visually. Using minimalist interior design in your bedrooms.

The use of walnut wood as a bed and bed cot, brings the naturalness of minimalist interior design into the bedroom, giving comfort as well as feeling free from the confines of concrete in the apartment.

Minimalist Interior Design in a Children’s Bedroom in an apartment

Still, with a minimalist interior design concept, the comfort of a child’s bedroom is obtained by utilizing wood material that shows wood veins and natural brown color on wood. The smart idea to make a minimalist design with a simple, honest and functional design, produces elegant architectural work and a natural and simple aesthetic value.

Minimalist Interior Design in Children’s Bedrooms using Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is very good for health, especially morning sunlight containing provitamin D which is good for bone health. Using a minimalist interior design makes the room get enough sunlight and the humidity of the room is maintained, will be free of mites and all germs.

By utilizing a window or glass door to access natural lighting in minimalist interior design. It is necessary to observe the position of the sun in order to optimize the morning sun into the room well and anticipate the heat of the sun during the afternoon. Besides being healthy, good natural lighting also saves your electricity costs.

Minimalist interior design for Cabinet Solutions in Apartments

The minimalist interior design is identical to the neat and clean look. A hidden cabinet is in the dining room area of ​​the open-plan room. When the doors are closed, it looks like a wooden wall. Showing the beauty of wood veins becomes part of the aesthetic of the interior, blending nicely with the color of the marble floor.

Interior design must have clear and functional design goals. Simple design with a million meanings in each corner of the room behind it, making an elegant minimalist interior design.

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